Thank you for your interest in the Alaska Family Action. We are an Alaska-based pro-family, public policy organization formed to provide a voice on social and cultural issues impacting Alaskan families. We are funded entirely by the generous contributions of individual Alaskans who believe in helping us to compete in the marketplace of ideas. By strengthening families in Alaska through informed citizenship, community involvement and improved public policy, the Alaska Family Action intends on being engaged in the important issues of our day on a long-term, ongoing basis. We look forward to serving you and ask you to join us financially, prayerfully and as an active volunteer partner.



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Jim Minnery


Alaska Family Action


Read some of our testimonials:

" The Alaska Family Council's successes in education, legislation and accountability have made them an indispensable asset in promoting and defending traditional values in Juneau and across our state.  They have become an important force to influence public policy here in the state of Alaska. "
- State Senator Donny Olson (D-Nome)

"Alaska Family Council provides a critical service to Alaskans as they educate and alert us to issues related to our liberties and responsibilities. I am very thankful for their hard work, statewide, to keep us informed and engaged in the political process."
- State Senator Cathy Giessel (R- Anch)

"It is very encouraging to us that a ministry like the Alaska Family Council is providing significant Christian influence in the public square and on civil government.  They serve a unique and vital role in the Body of Christ outside the doors where we preach the Gospel."
Pastors Ken and Deb Friendly
Lighthouse Christian Fellowship - Anchorage

"The Alaska Family Council has a proven track record of advancing pro-life and pro-family public policy in our State.  It deserves the support of Alaskans who care about these important values."

Former Lt Governor Loren Leman

"Alaskans are in a profound cultural war. Family values are under assault on many fronts. We must rally together to unite our efforts. The Alaska Family Council is the best choice we have."
State Senator Fred Dyson - Eagle River

"A state-based, pro-family group affiliated with Focus on the Family would have a positive and much needed influence on public policy in Alaska. It's past time that a group like this gets off the ground."
- State Senator John Coghill - North Pole




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