2022 Action Plan

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Since 2006, Alaska Family Council has earned a reputation for being fearless and strategic. With your year-end gift, we look forward to advancing the following initiatives in 2022:

Establish the Church Ambassador Network of Alaska to significantly expand our work with pastors. CLICK HERE to learn more about how we intend to purposefully come alongside faith leaders to bless what the church already does best (preaching the Gospel) and challenge them to engage a new, hard-to-reach mission field: “Kings” or, in our country, public elected officials.

Win voter approval for calling an Alaska State Constitutional Convention, a question that will appear on the ballot in the November 8, 2022 general election. The Dobbs abortion case ruling will be announced in June of 2022, and there is a very real possibility that Roe v. Wade will finally be overturned. That will restore the ability of most states to protect innocent unborn life. Regrettably, in Alaska a radically liberal State Supreme Court has abused its authority by overturning several pro-life measures enacted by the people of Alaska and their elected officials. The only way we can rein them in is through constitutional reform. CLICK HERE to learn more about how we’re teed up to protect preborn children in Alaska.

Significantly expand our Candidate Trainings across the state to include more comprehensive Biblical worldview training, issues and advocacy education, and campaign strategies for allies running for offices from the local school board to the U.S. Congress. The recent political victories in Virginia, a blue-leaning state, show that we are very well-positioned to take back ground and advance public policies that are aligned with a Christian worldview.

Politically, our top priorities in 2022 are to:

  • Elect pro-family allies in the races for U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and Governor
  • Reestablish a pro-family majority in the Alaska State House
  • Retain and strengthen our pro-family majority in the Alaska State Senate
  • Recapture three seats on the Anchorage Assembly to support Mayor Dave Bronson’s agenda, and one seat on the Anchorage School Board, to double the number of pro-family allies.

Your prayers and generous support now will provide critically needed fuel for us to advance in these and other areas. Thank you for choosing to invest in a future where God is honored, religious liberty thrives, life is cherished, and Alaskans are free to live their lives as God intended.

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