AFC Stands With Web Designer at Supreme Court

Regardless of what state we live in, all of us should be free to live consistently with our faith.Lorie Smith – 303 Creative Owner and Plaintiff

Alaska Family Council (AFC) has joined family policy councils across the country to file a legal brief supporting Lorie Smith, a Colorado web designer fighting a Colorado law that would force her to create messages endorsing same-sex marriage. The case is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court.“Whether it’s Colorado, Washington, D.C., or Alaska, we’re proud to stand in defense of free speech and religious liberty,” said AFC President Jim Minnery.As the brief makes clear, “It is one thing if the pressure to conform remains cultural rather than legal. While online attacks are difficult to endure, one can persevere and still speak.While peer shame can sting, only a small amount of courage is required to preserve one’s public voice. State censorship and compulsions, however, are different matters altogether. It is the state that wields the power of the sword. It is the state that can bar entrance into the marketplace of ideas. It is the state that can dictate whether a citizen can open a business or earn a living. Thus, it is the state that is the eternal threat to liberty. Only the state can truly suppress the American idea.Ultimately, Colorado is trying to bully a Christian business owner into applauding same-sex marriage or risk the government forcing her out of business. Unfortunately, this is a trend that has been occurring for some time now.In 2015, we were honored to host Barronelle Stutzman at our annual Dinner. Barronelle is another Christian business owner who endured years of legal battles for simply wanting to operate as a floral artist consistent with her deeply held conviction that marriage is a sacred union, designed by God, between one man and one woman. Lovers of freedom should all be grateful to Lorie Smith for standing up and for our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom for taking this case to the Supreme Court. See a short video below about Lorie and her journey.



Jim Minnery Signature  Jim Minnery – President