BREAKING – 2022 AFA Primary Election Endorsements

Alaska Family Action is pleased to present our 2022 Endorsement Guide for the August 16th, 2022 Election. Click HERE to download the Guide now.Because of the new “jungle primary”/ ranked choice system we now have, the vast majority of candidates will advance to the General Election in November.


For all races but one, the Special Election temporary U.S. Congressional Seat, you will vote for just one candidate. The top four will advance to the General Election where the ranked choice process will be used. Alaska Family Action will send out detailed information about that process in the coming weeks.For this election, there are clear distinctions between those who value pre-born, innocent life, fundamental religious liberties, limited Government, parental rights and a public education free from indoctrination… and those who do not. Instead of providing an exhaustive Values Voter Guide with all our questions and answers from every candidate this election cycle, as we’ve always done, we have chosen to simply give you our recommendations as to who will most closely adhere to Biblical principles in public office.We did our homework on each race to give you our most thoughtful advice.

We are excited to see God animate voters to step up and engage and bring our state closer to a place where God is honored much more publicly through those in elected office. Our behind the scenes work of pouring through voting records, speaking with candidates and other researching requires a lot of work. Work that is only made possible through your continued generosity. To keep us producing content, please consider making a generous gift today by clicking HERE.