Election 2020

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Voting Information

Early voting starts today folks. Click HERE to see MustRead Alaska’s quick go to piece on how and where to vote. You don’t have to wait until November 3rd.

Alaska Family Action has put together some great resources to help you make informed decisions. Here they are. Print them up. Share them. Let’s roll.


Vote No on AK Supreme Court Justice Susan Carney. Click HERE to see why. A group called Alaskans for Judicial Reform is campaigning to remove her from office for good reason. For a great resource on how to vote on the other judges, click HERE for an article by our friends at the Alaska Watchman.


You may have seen this before but it’s worth repeating regarding whether Christians can/should vote to re-elect President Trump.

Candidate A: Associates with ward healers and consults with astrologists; has had two mistresses; chain-smokes and drinks eight to ten martinis a day.

Candidate B: Was kicked out of office twice; sleeps until noon; used opium in college; drinks a quart of brandy every evening.

Candidate C: Is a decorated war hero, a vegetarian, doesn’t smoke, drinks an occasional beer, and has had no illicit love affairs.

Which of these candidates is your choice? You don’t really need any more information, do you? Candidate A is Franklin Roosevelt. Candidate B is Winston Churchill. Candidate C is Adolf Hitler.

HERE is a U.S. Presidential Voter Guide from our friends and allies at Family Policy Alliance. Of course morals matter but so does public policy positions held by the candidates.


HERE is our endorsement guide for the U.S. Senate and House races. We endorse Senator Dan Sullivan (R) and Representative Don Young (R)


Now is our chance to capture a conservative Alaska State Senate and Alaska State House. Click HERE for our one page endorsement guide for the races in the Alaska Legislature.