Going On The Offensive Against School Boards

Do parents have any rights regarding concerns they have about their children being forced to mask up for 8-10 hours at a time in public schools ?

Do you find it ironic and frustrating that nobody was masked at the Super Bowl, including celebrities and political influencers, and yet children the very next day were mandated to mask up all day at school ?

Are there real studies that show masks are not only ineffective in preventing the transmission of the Wuhan virus but actually harm people, especially young children, physiologically and psychologically ?

Are children in public schools being intimidated and looked down upon for not aligning with teachers and administrators who are advancing the covid experimental jab ?

Great questions.

Questions we’ll discuss with an Anchorage individual, who wishes to remain anonymous, on “I’m Glad You Said That” today. She is involved in an effort locally to hold Anchorage School Board members accountable for mandating, what she says, are unconstitutional, unscientific and harmful policies on children in public schools. She is serous about this and is taking legal measures. Her and others have created a Facebook site called Learn, Play, Breathe.

If you wonder why she wants to remain anonymous, just think “cancel culture”, Canadian truckers and doxing. The vitriol and willingness from the Left to come after those who speak up against the established mantra is real.

Tune in today to hear what’s happening with her effort on Facebook, get a phone number to participate, and get inspired to make a difference.

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