Judicial Selection Process in AK Is As Bad As It Gets

Judicial Selection Process in AK Is As Bad As It Gets

” America belongs to ‘We the People.’ It does not belong to the Congress. It does not belong to special interest groups. It does not belong to the Courts. It belongs to we the people…”
John Jay – First Supreme Court Justice of the United States

“Beyond the Reach of Democratic Controls”

In the book “Alaska Constitutional Convention”, written by Vic Fischer, the last living delegate of that gathering in 1955 to create the 49th state, there is a very insightful, often overlooked piece of advice that was ignored. The recommendations never made it to the full delegation.

We have paid the price ever since.

A few of the delegates had asked some outside consultants to review, among other things, the manner in which the judicial selection process had been set up in the Alaska Constitution draft document.  Here is what they said…

These sections in particular, however, go a long way toward withdrawing the judicial branch from the control of the people of this state and placing it under that of the organized bar.  No state constitution has ever gone this far in placing one of the three coordinate branches of the government beyond the reach of democratic controls.  We feel that in its desire to preserve the integrity of the courts, the convention has gone farther than is necessary or safe in putting them in the hands of a private professional group, however public-spirited its members may be.

Read that paragraph again.

If there is one thing liberals in this state are afraid of, it’s losing control of the judges and how they are selected. As has been written about countless times, see HEREHERE and HERE for three examples, the Alaska Judicial Council and the Alaska Bar Association simply do not represent Alaska’s political, social and cultural make up.  They are much more progressive and left leaning than the state as a whole. And, they have absolute control over the third branch of Government, the branch Alexander Hamilton said should be “next to nothing” as the “weakest branch” of the three.

In my conversation with Alaska State Senator Mike Shower today on “I’m Glad You Said That”, we’ll dive into a few pieces of legislation he has introduced to put some balance back into the judiciary despite the long odds of getting such measures through.

As a Lieutenant Colonel who piloted F-22 Raptors, Shower doesn’t pull any punches and is delightfully to the point. He is most definitely zeroed in on the target.

Ultimately, in addition to much needed judicial reform, such as school choice and protecting innocent unborn Alaskans, all roads are now leading to the need for a Constitutional Convention. Something Alaskans will be voting on in November of this year as we have every decade since statehood.  Very tellingly, the Alaska Democrat Party has actually adopted a platform (see page 5 HERE) opposing a Constitutional Convention. The nearly 70% of Alaskans who do not affiliate with the Democrat Party should be very suspect of that stand.

With their logic, and that of the Bar Association, judicial elite and others who will be coming out opposing a Constitutional Convention, we’re to believe that a bunch of ordinary folks who got together back in 1955 are to be trusted implicitly but people today cannot be possibly be have the wisdom to refine the Constitution. People today simply do not know what’s good for them.

Alaska Family Council says trust the people and that’s why calling for the Convention is one of our biggest priorities of 2022 ! Please spread the word and pray for discernment as we prepare for that monumental undertaking.

I encourage you to tune in today and educate yourself on how and why the judicial system in Alaska needs to be fixed and what people like Mike Shower are doing toward that end.

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Standing for families…in His name,

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