Looking For Parents Ready To Push Back !



Enough Is Enough – It’s Time To ActThe Left’s relentless assault on biology and their determination to confuse elementary school children on what it means to be a boy or a girl are having an enormous, negative impact on parental rights. In public schools across America, there are teachers, principals, counselors and administrators who are keeping separate health records on students and withholding critical mental health matters from parents.Policies in place are instructing school district employees to exclude parents from children’s health decisions regarding gender confusion and pronoun use. In Maryland a few days ago, a federal judge actually ruled that public schools have a right to hide children’s gender identity from parents and that the State has the right to deceive parents about whether or not their children are choosing to live as the opposite sex. According to this judge and the school district that defended its policy, the State — in the form of the local school board — has the right to deceive parents about this fundamental aspect of their child’s life.No they do not and it’s time to act.Screen_Shot_2022-08-24_at_12.56.38_PM.png

If you have any evidence that your public school is keeping information about students please email us at info@akfamily.org or call us at 907-317-7268. Be pro active.  You are the parent. Ask to see your school’s policy on kids using different pronouns. Ask if the principal approves whether or not parents can be left in the dark about gender identity issues. If they do, ask for any written documents that support the school withholding information from parents. We are doing our part as a faith-based, public policy ministry to gather evidence and take action. But we need you to be our eyes and ears. Public schools should never hide information from or lie to parents about a child’s mental health and schools should never compel teachers to perpetrate such a deception.