NEA Coming After Our Kids ? They Hate School Choice



Bethany Marcum is a fierce defender of school choice.As the leader of Alaska Policy Forum, (APF) her steadfast voice has fought for freedom on many fronts. But today, the battle before her and others like her is defending the rights of parents and kids to choose the school option that is most suitable for their needs.Scott Kendall, who brought us ranked choice voting, has teamed up with the NEA to decrease the educational options for kids in Alaska. APF released the following press release recently.“Yesterday, the Institute for Justice (IJ) teamed with a group of Alaska families to defend the state’s Correspondence School Allotment Program (CSAP) against an NEA-funded lawsuit that seeks to end parents’ ability to use their correspondence school allotments for private educational services. IJ, a nonprofit public interest law firm, has filed a motion to join the case, to defend Alaska families and the current school choice program. Alaska Policy Forum (APF) is not a party to this legal action, but strongly supports school choice, and commends Institute for Justice (IJ) for standing with Alaskan families.”I am privileged to chat with Bethany today on “I’m Glad You Said That” and hope you can tune in.

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