Pastors’ Day on the Hill


The ‘separation of church and state’ is an ambiguous phrase that serves only one purpose: to keep those charged with stewarding righteous authority away from the seat of power.  Never once in any of our nation’s founding documents was the separation of church and state introduced as a concept, yet, it invades our culture and politics, treated as a settled matter that’s no longer up for debate. 

Pastors’ Day on the Hill changes that.

We’re constantly hearing of about the special interest groups that heavily influence politics.  Yet, increasingly, the group that should be wielding the most influence in our land — ministers, pastors, and theologians — is often excluded and marginalized.

During Pastors’ Day on the Hill, you’ll have an opportunity to exercise your duties as stewards of God’s authority on this Earth by:

  • standing in the gap, praying with legislators and encouraging steadfastness
  • learning about the threats to the Church, and how we can protect it from attack
  • networking with like-minded community leaders who understand the need for healthy families, strong faith, and deep convictions in our state and among our elected officials

Dates for the 2016 Pastors’ Day on the Hill have not yet been announced.  Please check back for updates and registration information. 

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