Vote No on AO96

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Nondiscrimination Laws

Anchorage Ordinance 96 Talking Points

The Anchorage Assembly should safeguard constitutional freedoms.  Ordinance 96 undermines them.  Please call Anchorage Assembly members and tell them to vote NO on Ordinance 96.

  • Everywhere these laws have passed, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of conscience are at risk.
  • Every lawmaker’s first duty is to protect and uphold the citizens’ constitutionally protected freedoms, not threaten them.
  • Any new law should respect the constitutional freedoms of all our citizens. No law that threatens these freedoms should even be considered, let alone passed.  These laws are a clear and present danger to our most precious freedoms.

The Anchorage Assembly’s first priority should be to guard our freedoms.

  • The government has no business telling its citizens what they can’t say or what they must say or punishing its citizens for their ideas and beliefs.
  • Freedom from government coercion is good for the economy, the business community, and the people of Anchorage
  • This law is an answer to a problem we do not have. It limits the freedom to live in a diverse, robust, and tolerant state.
  • That’s why this law should be opposed—because coercion is not an American value.

No one should have to beg the state to exercise their constitutionally-protected freedoms. 

  • The first responsibility of city council is to protect and uphold the citizens’ constitutionally-protected freedoms.
  • Our city council shouldn’t ignore laws that protect individual freedoms and pass new laws to punish citizens who exercise their freedom.
  • Anchorage is already a tolerant place, and we should ensure that everyone’s freedom of speech, conscience, and religion is protected.
  • That’s why this law, which infringes freedom, should be opposed—because freedom is not negotiable.

Elected officials have a duty to protect the privacy, safety, and dignity of all citizens.

  • Compromising the safety and privacy of women and children is not an option.
  • Legally inviting men into the public restrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms women and girls use is an invasion of privacy and a threat to the safety.
  • This law is bad law because the safety and privacy of women and girls is too important to ignore.

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