We Need More Conservative Smart Leaders – Here’s How


Bethany Marcum heads up the Alaska Policy Forum and is a state treasure in terms of what it means to be an exemplary leader. Principled. Articulate. Well Prepared. Grounded. Strategic.We need more Bethany Marcums in the Great Land and toward that end, the Alaska Policy Forum is launching its inaugural leadership academy. CLICK HERE to learn more about it.I’m thrilled to have Bethany on “I’m Glad You Said That” today to discuss why this program is needed.According to their website, the Academy “will train, inform, equip and connect experienced and emerging leaders in Alaska on the founding principles of our country, and explore how those apply to the challenges our state and nation face today. Graduates will be positioned to grow as visionary and principled thought leaders who can guide Alaska’s freedom and future. Outstanding instructors from around the country will facilitate the monthly sessions and and present on topics such as the free market, ethical leadership, on-camera media training, Alaska’s constitution, crisis management, and much more.

If you or someone you know wants to make a difference for Alaska, this program will provide the tools needed.

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