What To Do When The Transgender Trend Comes To Your School

Most of us have some kind of episode or experience with this issue that has impacted our world. Alaska Family Council is privileged to provide this resource guide to help us navigate this difficult issue for such a time as this.”

Emily is a mom of seven in Minnesota. She purposely sent all of her children to a classical charter school, known for its values and rigorous academic program, to avoid many of the policies and problems parents are concerned about in public school. Yet, parents who believe their child to be transgender moved into the school, and—with the help of an LGBT-activist organization—pressured the school to adapt “transgender policies.” The school even brought in speakers to advance the transgender agenda, while denying an opportunity for the other side of the debate to be presented fairly. Ultimately, Emily had to find a new school for her children.

Annette is the mom of a brand-new middle schooler in New Jersey who just learned she would be forced to share restrooms and locker rooms with any boy who identifies as a girl at her new school. Her daughter was so distraught by this, Annette has asked for meetings with the principal—who’s already told her that this policy is permissible under New Jersey law—and has worked to secure other accommodations in a private bathroom for her daughter in school. Chelsea is the mom of a kindergartner in California. She was shocked when her child’s class was taught about transgenderism through books, as well as a student being “revealed as the opposite sex.”

Chelsea was most concerned that parents were never even informed about this topic being introduced in kindergarten class—let alone given a choice about when such a topic should be introduced to their children. Another parent at the same school agreed with Chelsea, stating: “My daughter came home crying and shaking so afraid she could turn into a boy.”

All of these are true stories with the real parent’s first name. And sadly, these stories are no longer “fringe cases.” Instead, they are becoming the norm. Parents of children in both public and private schools are facing difficult situations involving the transgender trend. Even parents who choose to homeschool are finding that their children are exposed to the issue in unexpected ways. Because we hear so many questions from parents about how to respond every week, we’d like to invite you to download our FREE copy of the Parent Resource Guide on the Transgender Issue!

This Guide will help you as a parent:

  • Understand the transgender trend and its consequences
  • Understand the implications of transgender activism in schools
  • Communicate with school leaders
  • Advocate for common sense policies
  • Act with compassion toward everyone involved in the conversation

Best of all, the Guide was designed by both Christians and non-Christians, conservatives and liberals, medical experts, legal and policy experts, and more. In other words, this Guide can be used by any parents concerned about how the transgender trend will impact their child. It’s our free gift to you. Download it today and let each of us glorify God here in Alaska as we speak the truth with love.

Standing for families… in His name,

Jim Minnery – President