Why We Must Call For A State Constitutional Convention

Why We Must Call For A State Constitutional Convention in November

The original delegates who drafted the Alaska State Constitution wisely determined that Alaskans should have an opportunity, every 10 years, to revisit our founding document to determine whether or not changes and revisions should be made.

Alaska Family Action has taken the position that now is that time and we are encouraging Alaskans to vote YES on that question that will be on the November 8th General Election Ballot.

As part of our efforts to convince the public, we produced a video to educate and encourage Alaskans. CLICK HERE to view that now.

Although our State Constitution should not favor one political philosophy or party, the Alaska Democrat Party has come out opposed to a Constitutional Convention for the following reasons they state in their most recently adopted party platform

– They oppose giving Alaskans more say in how judges are appointed.
– They oppose giving Alaskans the ability to have more school choice.
– They oppose any efforts to protect unborn life.

Not coincidentally, those are three of the primary reasons why Alaska Family Action supports a Constitutional Convention. We are working with influencers across the state to ensure that Alaskans get to decide what is best for our state. Please share this video as far and wide within your circles of influence and stay tuned for a campaign announcement soon.

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