3,000% Abortion Increase in California ? Tune In Today

3,000% Abortion Increase in California ? Tune In Today

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“We Have The Better Choice”

My good friend Jonathan Keller has been in the pro life arena since he was in high school. He is truly a gem in the movement and as President of the California Family Council, our sister organization, he’s about to experience an unprecedented, almost unimaginable scenario.

In light of abortion likely coming back to the states following the Dobbs decision in the summer of 2022, California Governor Gavin Newsom along with dozens of abortion providers have proposed a plan to encourage Americans to travel to California for an all expense paid trip to end the lives of their pre-born children.

According to the CFC, “the ambitious plans put forth by the California Future of Abortion Council push far past just the funding of abortions. The report includes a wish list of provisions that, if implemented, would make abortion the most funded, protected, promoted, and facilitated medical procedure in the country.”

One estimate says that the number of people coming to California from out of state to get an abortion will increase from 46,000 to to 1.4 million – a nearly 3,000% increase.

And, California taxpayers will pick up the tab for all associated expenses including the abortion, gas, lodging, transportation, child care, doula support, food, lost wages, etc.

As Jonathan notes, that means that abortion alternatives offered at pregnancy resource centers need to be amplified and expanded as never before. I’m confident my friend and colleague will be a huge part of saving out of state babies in the future.

I’m thrilled to chat with Jonathan today and hope you can tune in to the conversation.

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