Why Give to Alaska Family Action / Council?

We are fighting the battles for Alaska families on important issues including sanctity of life, marriage and family, school choice, and religious liberty.

SANCTITY OF LIFEbaby_in_blanket.jpg

We seek to build a culture where every unborn child is welcomed in life and protected by law. We seek an Alaska where abortion is no longer legal or readily available, and where unborn children have the strongest legal protections anywhere in the nation.




Parents in Alaska should have the right to choose, without financial penalty, the best education for their child, whether in a public school, private school, faith-based school, or homeschooling environment.

MARRIAGE & FAMILYpretty_wedding.jpg

Public policy in Alaska should value marriage as only the union of one man and one woman and as what’s best for men, women, and children.

Public policy in Alaska should protect and respect the right of parents to educate their children regarding issues of sexuality.

praying_family.jpgRELIGIOUS LIBERTY

Public policy in Alaska should affirm and protect religious liberty for individuals, churches, and organizations.

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