Moore Conservatives Needed on Assembly – Here’s One Who Can Get There

Join us on “I’m Glad You Said That” today for a chat with Spencer Moore who is running for Anchorage Assembly in District 5.As you likely know, although supposedly a “non-partisan” body, the Assembly is dominated by progressives with only two of the eleven members even remotely conservative.Much of that has to do with anemic … Read more

A Word From Our New Vice President of Operations

A Word From Our NewVice President of Operations The 2023 legislative session is well underway; in fact, we’re approaching the halfway mark, which gives us the opportunity to let you know how Alaska Family Council is advocating for our shared values. Some of these bills are yet to be introduced. Some are still waiting for … Read more

And our Spring Speaker is…

Alaska Family Council is thrilled to announce that our 2023 Spring Dinner Keynote Speaker is…                       Will WittIf you’re over 40, you’ve likely never heard of him. If you’re under 40, you know he’s a rock star in the conservative movement.Although we don’t have venues set … Read more

We’re Launched ! Now It’s Time To Fuel Up

“For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!” 1 Corinthians 9:16 If you know Cheston McCrea, it won’t surprise you that he has come on board as Director of our new initiative we’re calling the … Read more

Meet Our Newest Team Member

I have long known that the ministry of Alaska Family Council needed to have a more expansive voice in the Great Land. The population of significant parts of our state is undeniably filled with conservative, faith-centered, liberty-minded citizens. But in Juneau, and often at local governmental gatherings such as Assembly and School Board meetings, that voice is … Read more

House Speaker Cathy Tilton is a Quiet Force to be Reckoned With

Many of us in the conservative movement in Alaska were surprised when the Alaska State House was finally able to organize around the Republican majority that had been elected. For too many legislative sessions, members of the Grand Old Party were not able to play in the sandbox together.Usually, that meant giving the power to … Read more

Bill Would Return Court To People – Balance the Power

 “No state constitution has ever gone this far in placing one of the three branches of the government beyond the reach of democratic controls. We feel that in its desire to preserve the integrity of the courts, the convention has gone farther than is necessary or safe in putting them in the hands of a private professional group, … Read more

Kelly Tshibaka is Preserving Democracy – Time To Join The Fight !

  If you know Kelly Tshibaka, you know it wasn’t going to take long for her to rebound from her loss to Lisa Murkowski and get back in the fight.For liberty-minded, small government conservatives in the Great Land, that is a positive.In addition to raising her family, she is advancing a movement across the country … Read more

Time To Stand Up Against Drag Queen Madness in AK!

A few years ago, Alaska Family Council brought up my friend Andrew Walker to address how Christians should respond to the transgender issue with love and grace and truth. If anything, the culture is even more tangled up with this challenge than ever before.Today Andrew serves as the managing editor of WORLD Magazine Opinions and … Read more

NEA Coming After Our Kids ? They Hate School Choice

  Bethany Marcum is a fierce defender of school choice.As the leader of Alaska Policy Forum, (APF) her steadfast voice has fought for freedom on many fronts. But today, the battle before her and others like her is defending the rights of parents and kids to choose the school option that is most suitable for … Read more