Marriage + Family

Alaska Family Council believes in the institution of family. For thousands of years, the family — a product of marriage — has been the foundation of civilization. Promoting the family unit, however, is not important solely because it requires the union of one man and one woman; it matters also because it gives structure, protection, and purpose to children.

Many who hold natural views on marriage are vilified as bigoted or discriminatory. But social science and academic study has proven that children perform better with a married mother and a father in the home. While we know this arrangement is not always possible due to abuse, marital conflicts, infidelity, death, or other extreme circumstances, to compromise on the definition of the optimum family unit is not loving, kind, or progressive; rather it is harmful to the development of children and leads to more problems later in life.

To learn more, we recommend the New Family Structures Study by Dr. Mark Regnerus.

While the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of changing the definition of marriage, this debate is not over. We’ll continue to work to make sure children are given the best opportunity to succeed and families are able to thrive in Alaska.

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