About Us

About Alaska Family Action

The mission of the Alaska Family Council is to strengthen and protect Alaskan families through public policy education, issue research and grassroots advocacy.

Who We Are

The Alaska Family Council is a non-profit Christian public policy organization dedicated to protecting and strengthening the family. We elevate the discussion on the impact and importance of the family by focusing on five core areas:

  • Communicating Truth
  • Influencing Public Policy
  • Promoting Active Citizenship
  • Equipping Grassroots Leaders
  • Strengthening Church Involvement

What We Do

Help Alaskans to become informed and effectively involved in public policy matters affecting Alaskans.

Partner with churches and other groups to promote and build stronger families and stronger communities.

Serve as a credible, effective and winsome pro-family voice in Juneau during legislative sessions.

Influence public opinion through relevant, timely and inspiring media campaigns.