Bird vs Coghill – Should We Call A Constitutional Convention ?

I have my tickets. And I truly hope you’ll join me in getting yours.

As we’ve stated consistently in recent months, Alaska Family Council has taken a position that it is now time to vote YES for a Constitutional Convention. Every 10 years since statehood, Alaskans get to decide in the General Election if we should reconsider what was written down and approved as our founding document and ratified by the people on April 24th, 1956.

Our public policy ministry, along with many other groups, will be advocating for Alaskans to vote YES in the November 2022 General Election to hold a Constitutional Convention for three primary reasons –

– To remove the Alaska Supreme Court from manufacturing a “right to abortion” in our State Constitution.

– To provide for more educational choice for Alaskans.

– To implement much-needed judicial reform and create more accountability to a court that has continually abused its authority.

There is much to be said about the need for a Constitutional Convention but we’re honored to encourage you to begin the dialogue by attending an upcoming debate put on by our friends at the Alaska Watchman this coming Tuesday, February 1st at 7:00pm at the Valley Performing Arts in Wasilla.

At the debate, you’ll hear John Coghill of Fairbanks, former Republican Alaska Senate Majority Leader and multi-term State Senator/Representative square off against Bob Bird of Kenai, Chairman of the Alaskan Independence Party and Radio Talk Show host. Ironically, both are conservative on most issues and are considered allies.

The call for a Constitutional Convention has placed a line in the sand.
For more info and to get tickets, please CLICK HERE.

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday at Valley Performing Arts in Wasilla.


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