Chloe Cole Coming To Alaska

“Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.”Psalm 127:3

Screen_Shot_2023-07-16_at_4.02.06_PM.pngChloe Cole has a story to tell. She’s the victim of a woke agenda and a woke medical community, and she isn’t staying silent.

Her story is powerful, and it’s one the Left doesn’t want you to hear – which is why we are giving you an opportunity to hear from her!

Chloe, a poised and articulate 18-year-old young woman, passionately advocates against the practice of transitioning minors.

Driven by a noble mission to safeguard children from potentially harmful ideologies and medical interventions, Chloe draws from her personal experiences to shed light on the distressing consequences of “gender-affirming care” for adolescents.

Having embarked on her own transition journey at the tender age of 12, including puberty suppressants, cross sex hormones at 13, and a double mastectomy at 15, only to subsequently detransition at 16, Chloe speaks with firsthand authority on the deeply traumatic effects experienced by minors undergoing such treatments.

Please save the dates of Wednesday, August 16th in Wasilla and Friday, August 18th in Anchorage to join us in celebrating Chloe’s determination, bravery and passion for helping to stop the medical malpractice of “gender-affirming” care. Registration and sponsorship opportunities will be available shortly.

Screen_Shot_2023-07-16_at_3.29.50_PM.pngAlaska Family Council, with help from citizens like you, is doing everything in our power to stop this madness by –Bringing up prominent voices like Chloe Cole to call attention to the gender ideology lies that are as ubiquitous as they are damaging. Initiating legal action against public schools that are advancing gender ideology tactics to confuse young children and keep parents uninformed. (More on this soon.)Gathering thousands of on-line signatures and generating public testimony for the AK Board of Education to encourage them to protect high school girls from having to compete against biological males in sports. CLICK HERE if you haven’t already signed.Generating research and expert testimony to present a case to the AK Board of Medicine to prevent mutilation surgery and puberty blockers from being used as “treatment” for minors.Because we are a non-profit, public policy ministry, this work is not possible without financial partners who stand with us through investments of financial resources and prayers knowing our God grieves when children are led astray. Matthew 18:6Screen_Shot_2023-07-16_at_3.35.03_PM.pngPlease prayerfully consider investing now in our hard, necessary and privileged laboring to be light and salt in Alaska and rescue young hearts, minds, souls and bodies who need Truth now more than ever.


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