From Zero to Five – Pro Life Docs in Alaska!

From Zero to Five – Pro Life Docs in Alaska!

Five and Counting

A few weeks ago I interviewed Dr Josephine Glaser, family physician, on our podcast “I’m Glad You Said That” (formerly Family Matters) about her activism in the field of medicine regarding pro life issues. CLICK HERE to listen to that podcast now.

One of the motivations in interviewing Dr Glaser was that she had informed me earlier at a mutual conference we attended that Alaska was one of only a handful of states without any current, active members of the Physicians for LIFE member interest group within the American Academy of Family Physicians.

I personally knew of several and so we set out to remedy the situation.

Today, we can celebrate that Alaska now has five (5) family physicians who have joined Physicians for Life. That may sound insignificant but that transpired over the course of just a few weeks. I am confident that number will grow considerably and am certain we need it to.

One of the long term goals of the AAFP Physicians for Life group is to “provide a counterbalance to proposed AAFP policies about Abortion, (Physician) Assisted Suicide, & Euthanasia by promoting a pro-life perspective, namely, affirming the value and dignity of human life from biologic conception to natural end of life.”

In addition to advocacy, Physicians for Life also developed and taught the Advocacy for Life: 21st Century Hippocratic Medicine course to students in medical schools across the country.

As many look toward a post-Roe environment following the Dobbs ruling this summer that might very likely return the issue of protecting life back to the states, where it rightfully belongs, it is imperative that groups like Physicians for Life, as well as in other disciplines, vocations and arenas, continue to grow.  Cultural awareness and clarity on the sanctity of life is as important as legal victories.

Alaska Family Council is honored to have played a role in rising up voices within the medical community. It is, in fact, a key part of our mission. Your support continues to make that mission impactful.

If you know of any family physicians who might have an interest in joining the Physicians for LIFE member interest group, CLICK HERE or HERE.


Jim Minnery – President

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