Getting Young Alaska Female Athletes Connected with Riley

Alaska Family Action


Yesterday, we spoke with a ministry partner who could not attend our exclusive Private Dinner with Riley Gaines at the Hotel Captain Cook but had a brilliant idea we wanted to pass along.The individual offered to sponsor seats at the Private Dinner, that include an accompanying night stay and breakfast with Riley the next morning, for two young Alaskan high school female athletes. What a great way to connect a high school gymnast, swimmer, runner, basketball player or other athletic youth with a model of courage & strength that Riley has become !We are honored by this donor’s creativity and are now hoping to get at least 10 young female athletes sponsored ! As a sign of appreciation, Alaska Family Council will provide a complimentary seatand hotel/breakfast package to a coach or chaperone accompanying the student(s). Let’s encourage our young people today to stand up for biology and truth!Click one of the images below, sponsor a high school female athlete and be a part of the change we all want to see.


Jim Minnery Signature  Jim Minnery – President