Let’s Be Honest About Giving Tuesday..

The_Truth.pngToday is Tuesday, November 28, which is Giving Tuesday. If you’ve never heard of this worldwide event, it’s certainly an important day for non-profit organizations like Alaska Family Council.

In contrast to spending sprees like “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday,” today is a chance to invest in eternal things. This year, I hope you’ll make Alaska Family Council part of your giving plan!

We know 2023 has been a whirlwind, and 2024 will bring many new threats to Life, Family, and Liberty. But with your help, Alaska Family Council is up for the fight!

By God’s grace, Alaska Family Council is uniquely positioned to make a significant and lasting difference in the Great Land. And while some are retreating, we’re actually expanding our mission.

God has truly blessed us over the past seventeen years, and we’re excited to keep standing for Biblical Truth at the Capitol, in the Church and in our Culture.


Everything we do is possible because of your faithful prayers and financial support. AFC depends on generous gifts from friends like you to accomplish our mission. And a HUGE portion of our budget is raised in between #GivingTuesday and December 31st!

We have a BIG JOB to do but the God we serve is BIGGER !

Will you stand with us as we stand for you? All across our Great Land, there’s still some GOOD, and it is worth fighting for!BigHeadshot_of_Jim.jpg

Serving Him with You !Jim Minnery Signature  Jim Minnery – President