Meet Our Newest Team Member

I have long known that the ministry of Alaska Family Council needed to have a more expansive voice in the Great Land. The population of significant parts of our state is undeniably filled with conservative, faith-centered, liberty-minded citizens. But in Juneau, and often at local governmental gatherings such as Assembly and School Board meetings, that voice is almost always greatly outnumbered. Leftist activist groups like Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, the National Education Association, LGBTQIA+ associations and most unions are simply better at organizing.  In part, I believe, this has much to do with a line former President Ronald Reagan made in 1981.  “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.”Many, if not most, conservatives are of that mindset and want to have nothing to do with politics, elections and the like. The problem is, as those same people tend to their families, their houses of worship and their weekend hobbies, the Government has continued to grow more influential in our lives and, for the most part, not in a manner conducive to real human flourishing.I am thrilled to announce the hiring of Tim Barto as our new Vice President of Operations for Alaska Family Council to expand our vineyards and help us amplify the voices of those who favor limited Government and more “conservation” of our deeply held values.Please welcome Tim, shown below with his wife Kris and their family, and prayerfully consider a one time or monthly contribution HERE to give us financial footing to continue growing.  Screen_Shot_2023-03-04_at_12.45.46_PM.png“I am Tim Barto, and recently Jim Minnery asked me to join Alaska Family Council to help him grow the organization. Jim and I met when I was working for Alaska Policy Forum and after he found out I was also involved with a Christian baseball team, he asked me onto his radio show. In what was supposed to be an interview regarding the baseball team and APF, our common interests in sports and Faith led to a discussion that focused almost entirely on the ballclub and its unique status as a place for spreading the Gospel.

Jim and I clicked. We both have an attachment to Ohio; or, more accurately, to Ohio sports. We’re both conservatives. And we’re both Christians. So, when my tenure at APF was coming to an end, Jim asked me to consider joining Alaska Family Council to assist him with turning his grand visions for the organization into reality. Our discussions revealed Jim and I share something else: a passion about preserving and promoting rights – those of students, parents, and the preborn.

Alaska Family Council exists to make life better for all Alaskans. The future of our state (and our country; and the whole of humankind, for that matter) depends on what type of values we choose to guide us. I am of the opinion that the values God handed down through the Bible are the ones that we must choose to follow. Human history is replete with examples of mankind acting void of God’s guiding hand, and one need look no further than the madness and chaos that surround us in modern American culture, with its manufactured theories of social justice, ethnic separatism, gender fluidity, and racial guilt. These movements do not promote God’s love or seek divine guidance for success. Their introduction and hopes for implementation are based on forced acceptance of their theories and unquestioned allegiance to the manners in which they are implemented.

The result of these manufactured theories is further division in our culture, politics, and families. A wedge is being driving between children and their parents. Governments at all levels, from school boards to municipal assemblies to state courts to the American presidency, are trying to implement their beliefs ahead of individuals and families and often in spite of their feelings.

My wife and I are anomalies in today’s society. We’ve been married 32 years and have five children together. My wife stayed home and taught the kids, and our church was the anchor for our social and spiritual lives.

Living that lifestyle was a Blessing. I realize there are circumstances that make it impossible for everyone to live like that, but I also know that it took hard work and sacrifices. Nothing in life is easy, especially raising a family, but turning to God for guidance sure makes it a lot less difficult.”


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