Should Christians Be Involved In Government?

Although we are all busy ( I’m attending a Comedy Date Night fundraiser for Anchorage Assembly candidate Stephanie Taylor tonite and watching my Cincinnati Bengals win the Super Bowl on Sunday – can you say Who Dey ?) you should try and make time for an exciting, timely and impactful conference starting tonight and going through the weekend.

Click HERE for more info and to register for the 8th Annual Alaska Prayer Conference where the theme is “Should Christians Be Involved In Government?”

With a loaded list of exemplary speakers, most of whom are established allies and friends of Alaska Family Council, the conference is something we are thrilled to endorse.

As always…thanks for being there. You are truly valued.

From the Alaska Prayer Conference info sheet – 
“As you may already know, Revive Alaska Community Services (RACS) is a faith-based organization that serves the community directly through various programs. It is also a coalition of Christians and Christian organizations who are passionate about corporately serving as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in all spheres of the community. Part of this service is corporate prayer for God’s blessings upon Alaska and all Alaskans. This corporate prayer is kicked off every year with 21 – 40 days of prayer and fasting from January 1st through February 9th and an annual 3-day Alaska Prayer Conference every second weekend in February.

During the annual prayer conferences, praying for all spheres of government has been one of the major highlights over the past seven years. However, God is leading us to add a feature to the 2022 Alaska Prayer Conference. We believe that when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice but when a wicked man rules the people groan” (Prov 29:2). Therefore, during this upcoming conference, we are adding presentations that will answer the question “Should Christians be involved in government?”

The first goal is to show Christians what the Bible teaches about civic engagement, good governance, cultural transformation, the legal limits of separation of church and state, as well as the spiritual obligation of every Christian to participate in the electoral process. The second goal is to equip and activate those called to the ministry of government. We plan to invite as many public servants as possible-local/state and national legislators, mayors, the Governor, Judiciary, School board, and transformational leaders.

Also, this 2022 we shall be mobilizing Christians to be more proactive with sustained prayer and training in biblical government. Therefore, after the conference, we will be incorporating monthly teaching on Christianity in the marketplace and government into the monthly prayer for Alaska. Also, we are currently recruiting 52 churches to pray for Alaska every week of the year.

The prayer conference will take place in three locations in three days February 11-13, 2022 and will be made available for online participants. Day one will focus on praying for Anchorage, the mayor, the assembly, the justice system, the school board, and all city mayors/governments across Alaska. Day one will be hosted by Pastor Ron Hoffman Anchorage Baptist Temple.

Day two will focus on praying for Alaska, the governor, and Matsu Borough. Day two will be hosted by Pastor Barry Orzalli at Real Life Church, Palmer.

Day three will focus on praying for Alaska Federal Congressional Delegates, the Alaskan natives, and villages as well as unity in the Body of Christ. Day three will be hosted by Pastor Ken Friendly at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, Anchorage.”


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