Stop Vaccine Mandates With SB 156

Tell Senators: Ban coerced injections

TAKE ACTION NOW: Today, March 1, the Senate Health & Social Services Committee will be taking testimony on Senate Bill 156, sponsored by Senator Lora Reinbold, which would make it unlawful to impose coercive vaccine mandates and so-called “immunity passports” in Alaska.

Please email or phone the Health & Social Services Committee and individual committee members and urge them to SUPPORT SB 156, to protect medical freedom in Alaska (contact information below):

Key talking points:

  • Nobody should be fired from their job, kicked out of school, or denied access to public places for simply declining to accept a medical intervention.
  • Alaskans have the right to weigh the benefits and risks of COVID-19 vaccination, just like other medical interventions, and make a free and informed choice, without coercion.
  • Many people have valid reasons for declining vaccination, including personal health conditions, pre-existing immunity from a prior COVID infection, and conscientious objection to the unethical methods used to develop certain COVID vaccines.

Please send your messages and direct your phone calls here:

Senate Health & Social Services Committee:

Phone:  907-465-3878

Phone: 907-465-3743

Phone: 907-465-4968

Phone: 907-465-3822

Phone: 907-465-3704

If you want to testify at the committee hearing by telephone, please contact your local Legislative Information Office by clicking HERE


Do you have friends who are confused or uncertain about the issue of vaccine mandates? Consider sharing with them the following information.

A joint statement from the American College of Pediatricians, the Christian Medical & Dental Association, the Catholic Medical Association, and the National Association of Catholic Nurses states as follows:

Governing authorities must respect an individual’s right to accept or decline a vaccine.

There is no justifiable moral obligation to accept vaccination. If a vaccine has been developed, tested, or produced with technology that an individual deems morally unacceptable, such as the use of abortion-derived fetal cell lines, vaccine refusal is morally acceptable. An individual’s decision to be vaccinated will also depend upon their personal assessment of the medical risks, a choice that should be respected. The decision not to be vaccinated must be accompanied by a commitment to take necessary precautions to lessen disease transmission.

Finally, the protection of First Amendment rights is imperative.

It is fundamental that the right of individual conscience be preserved. Coerced vaccination would irreparably harm Constitutional rights and the patient-physician relationship. Conscience is an individual belief influenced by many factors such as faith, culture, family, and reason. Each individual makes a conscientious decision in any given situation. Respect for conscience rights is always of primary importance.

To read the complete statement, click HERE.



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