This Is What Courage Looks Like. Do you know anyone else ?

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Right away, I knew I was being asked to lie and I’m not going to lie about something as important as who you are to a child . And I’m not going to lie to parents.Debbie Figliola Debbie is one fine example of many public school teachers across the country who are standing up against policies to keep parents in the dark about critically important health information about students.CLICK HERE to hear Debbie’s story.In this case, the Harrisonburg City Public School Board in Virginia is usurping parents’ right to direct the upbringing of their children and forcing school staff to violate their religious beliefs by affirming the board’s view on gender identity. Upon a child’s request, school district policy requires staff to immediately begin using opposite-sex pronouns and forbids staff from sharing information with parents about their child’s request, instead instructing staff to mislead and deceive parents.Alliance Defending Freedom, our national partner, is representing Debbie to protect her right as a teacher to not have to lie to keep her job. This type of courage is spreading across the country and it is time for those in Alaska to do the same.Are you a public school teacher in the Anchorage School District who is feeling pressured to lie to parents about a student who is struggling with their gender identity ? Do you know someone who is ?In order to hold the Anchorage School District responsible, we need one or more current school teachers to do what is right and stand up for truth, for their rights as a teacher and for the rights of parents and students to remain connected about such a critical health decision.Please contact if you are ready to be courageous.BigHeadshot_of_Jim.jpg

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