Thx Due To U.S. Sen Sullivan for Speaking Out

“Health authorities should protect children from making life-altering decisions that can irreparably harm their overall health. Rather than encourage gender dysphoric children to undergo life-changing medical treatments to match their perceived “gender identity”—a poorly defined concept—the federal government and the medical community should strive to ensure they have time to mature naturally”

From a letter signed by Alaska U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan and others toU.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier BecerraMarch 29th, 2023



Effort To Prohibit “Sex Change” Procedures on Minors Gaining Momentum

A monumental battle is developing across the country to protect children who experience gender dysphoria from being subjected to experimental treatment and harmful procedures being hawked by a political agenda.The Great Land is now engaged on the Federal level and will inevitably be on a state legislative level in short time.Alaska U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan yesterday joined with 14 other Senators in issuing a strong letter to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra.In the letter, the Senators state “To hold HSS accountable for the moral responsibility it owes to parents and kids and to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent appropriately, please provide answers to the following questions regarding the agency’s life-altering guidance on “gender affirming care” no later than 30 days from receiving this letter”The letter then lays out seven (7) specific requests from HSS to be answered “no later than 30 days” that will reveal how this whole movement is animated by pseudo-science and a far Left political agenda that’s caused literally thousands of young people to make life-altering, permanent changes to their bodies.Please take a few minutes now to send a quick thank you to Senator Sullivan for engaging in this critical public policy discussion. CLICK HERE to do that now.

Alaska Family Council is working closely with our national ally at Family Policy Alliance that launched its Help Not Harm campaign following the passage of Arkansas’s SAFE Act (the first successful bill in the nation to offer these protections).

To date, 6 states have Help Not Harm laws (Arkansas, South Dakota, Mississippi, Tennessee, Iowa, Kentucky), 2 states have modified versions of the law (Arizona, Utah), 1 bill sits on a governor’s desk (Indiana), and 10 states are currently considering legislation (Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Texas, Wisconsin, Georgia, Ohio, New Hampshire, South Carolina).Criminal and civil penalties are associated with most of these bills along the lines of Chloe Cole, the young lady who “detransitioned” and is suing the clinicians and corporations who facilitated her medicalized transition and, she argues, subjected her to irrevocable harm.With your prayers and continued financial partnership, Alaska Family Council will continue developing a comprehensive public education campaign directed toward policy makers, educators, medical professionals, parents and every other Alaskan interested in protecting children from this harmful malpractice that has unfortunately become commonplace in our nation.  Ultimately, Alaska will join the rest of the nation in legally protecting the most vulnerable among us through a Help Not Harm bill. Keep the faith. And join us in standing for what is true and right.We need you and the children need help…not harm.