URGENT! Stop Vaccine Mandates

URGENT! Stop Vaccine Mandates

Coerced injections? Just say NO.

PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW: Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 8th, the Alaska Senate State Affairs Committee is scheduled to consider Senate Bill 156, sponsored by Senator Lora Reinbold, which would make vaccine mandates and so-called “immunity passports” unlawful in Alaska.

Please email or phone the State Affairs Committee and individual committee members and urge them to SUPPORT SB 156, to protect medical freedom in Alaska (contact information below):

Key talking points:

  • Nobody should be fired from their job, kicked out of school, or denied access to public places for simply declining to accept a medical intervention.
  • Alaskans have the right to weigh the benefits and risks of COVID-19 vaccination, just like other medical interventions, and make a free and informed choice, without coercion.
  • Many people have valid reasons for declining vaccination, including personal health conditions, pre-existing immunity from a prior COVID infection, and conscientious objection to the unethical methods used to develop certain COVID vaccines.

Please send your messages and direct your phone calls here:

Senate State Affairs Committee: Senate.State.Affairs@akleg.gov


Senator Mike Shower (Chairman):  Senator.Mike.Shower@akleg.gov

Phone: 907-465-6600


Senator Lora Reinbold    Senator.Lora.Reinbold@akleg.gov

Phone: 907-465-3822


Senator Mia Costello   Senator.Mia.Costello@akleg.gov

Phone: 907-465-4968


Senator Roger Holland   Senator.Roger.Holland@akleg.gov

Phone: 907-465-4843


Senator Scott Kawasaki   Senator.Scott.Kawasaki@akleg.gov

Phone: 907-465-3466

Your participation matters and your support, as always, is a blessing !

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Jim Minnery – President

 Alaska Family Action

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