Valdez Update – Girls Sports Yet To Be Decided !

On a misty morning in Valdez, the Board Members of the Alaska School Activities Association (ASAA) met today at the Convention & Civic Center to deliberate on a policy to ensure safety and fairness for girls and young women in high school sports in Alaska.As the Board filed in, about two dozen activists Alaska Family Council had recruited held signs outside as a reminder that our sisters, daughters, nieces and every other girl competing in sports matters.


About 100 people waited on line to provide public comments. I was honored to hand deliver over 1,200 petitions to the Board that had been signed online by Alaskans who responded to our call.Although there was a possibility the ASAA Board was going to make a decision today, ultimately, they determined to essentially kick the can down the field knowing that the Department of Education and other stakeholders have to engage. Valdez was a start but this is going to be more like a marathon. We’ll keep you updated as that process fleshes out.One thing is clear.Alaskans are stepping up in unprecedented numbers to save girls sports in the Great Land and we must keep our foot on the pedal to get across the finish line. It was evident that an engaged public is making an impact.Here are three (3) very specific ways you can help win this race for girls sports.SIGN OUR PETITION if you haven’t already. For the next meeting, we want to have 10,000 signers. We have about 1,400 now but we know that’s just the tip of the iceberg.CONTRIBUTE. We’re a nonprofit ministry and need financial fuel to keep running and representing your values. CLICK HERE to do that now. One time gifts help and monthly gifts give us stability to focus more on getting your voice amplified and less on fundraising. SHARE OUR PETITION – use social media to encourage your friends and family and co-workers to become a part of the movement to keep girls sports in Alaska fair. Every single petition signed is one more voice for truth!Screen_Shot_2023-04-25_at_9.30.18_PM.png


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