Wait…Not All Alaska Natives Are Voting For Mary Peltola ?



When Barack Obama ran for President, there were enormous number of conservative Christians and Republicans who voted for him in order to proudly help elect the first black President. His skin color was more important than the fact that he stood against Biblical values regarding life, sexuality, religious liberty and other central tenets of the Christian faith.Mary Peltola has garnered the same rock star status. At the recent Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) Convention in Anchorage, it was very clear Peltola is as beloved in Bush Alaska than any other politician in recent years. Even key staff members of former Republican U.S. House member Don Young, whose seat Peltola is seeking, are coming on board with Peltola despite the fact that she is an extreme liberal Democrat.In fact, she is the first Alaska Native to campaign overtly and proudly on the issue of abortion. With her Fish, Family & Freedom mantra, you won’t see the word abortion anywhere on Peltola’s website but she clearly is being advised by DNC operatives that messaging abortion will help her win.And yet there is anything but uniformity when you talk with Alaska Natives who are serious about their relationship with Jesus Christ.Brenda Hastie, along with a handful of other faithful Alaska Native activists, had a small but powerful presence at the AFN Conference. Her message is simple. And I’m paraphrasing here – Yes we are proud of Mary in many ways. She resonates with so many people right where they are. But we need to vote for more than the fact that she is Alaska Native. We need to vote our Biblical values.” It’s a message that is resonating. I’m honored to have Brenda on the show today and hope you can tune in.

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