Why Faith Leaders Should Be Concerned About The Equality Act

Among other things, the Equality Act would:

  • Punish religious employers, like Christian schools, if they don’t hire LGBT staff;
  • Force churches to abandon Biblical teaching on human sexuality;
  • Allow men who identify as women to compete in women’s sports;
  • Remove conscience protections for pro-life doctors and nurses;
  • Punish faith-based charities for their core religious beliefs about human dignity and marriage;
  • Open up women’s shelters, bathrooms, changing areas, and showers to the opposite sex;
  • Shut down religious foster care and adoption groups if such agencies seek to exclusively place children in homes with a mother & father;
  • Force doctors to remove healthy body parts from those who want gender-reassignment surgery;
  • Forbid religious individuals & organizations from invoking the Religious Freedom Restoration Act


Chuck Weber
Executive Director
Kansas Catholic Conference

Autumn Stroup, Esq
VP Strategy
Family Policy Alliance

Emilie Kao, Esq
Heritage Foundation

Jim Minnery
Alaska Family Action

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