Who Are You Voting For President in 2024 ?

From our friends and allies at Family Policy Alliance.  This is THE Social Conservative Presidential Straw Poll This is the only 2024 presidential straw poll for and by social conservatives.Big Business, the media, and tech company censors – even many political party leaders – don’t want anyone asking these questions. And they certainly don’t want social conservatives to have a platform.We believe social conservatives … Read more

Glorifying God & Lifting Up Truth at Regent School of Law

“He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8 Pat Trompeter is Director of Advancement of Regent University School of Law. That means he meets with people of influence every day to connect … Read more

Will Witt on “I’m Glad You Said That” Today !

Super grateful to have Will Witt on “I’m Glad You Said That” today. He is our keynote speaker for our Dinners in Anchorage (SOLD OUT) and in Fairbanks tomorrow, Thursday, May 11th at Pikes Waterfront Lodge. CLICK HERE to get tickets for Fairbanks Dinner before it’s sold out. Hope you can tune in today.Thanks for your … Read more

Valdez Update – Girls Sports Yet To Be Decided !

On a misty morning in Valdez, the Board Members of the Alaska School Activities Association (ASAA) met today at the Convention & Civic Center to deliberate on a policy to ensure safety and fairness for girls and young women in high school sports in Alaska.As the Board filed in, about two dozen activists Alaska Family … Read more

It’s Not The Prime Rib or Convivial Keynote

If you haven’t already got your tickets or sponsored a table yet for our upcoming Dinners in Fairbanks on Thur, May 11th and in Anchorage on Sat, May 13th, please get that done right away as we are making the final preparations for what will be two great events. CLICK HERE to please do that … Read more

Save Girls Sports in Alaska

Sign the petition today! GIRLS DESERVE FAIR PLAY!

On May 1st and 2nd in Valdez, the seven Board Members of the Alaska School Activities Association (ASAA) met to deliberate on a policy to ensure safety and fairness for girls and young women in school sports. Politics win out and they punted. Kicked the can. Decided to get more advice. It’s time to provide … Read more

These Seven People Will Determine If Girls Sports Are Protected in AK

Alaska Family Action has been working to protect female athletes from having to compete against biological males for some time. Gaining momentum legislatively has been slow with predictable roadblocks. We are excited that this important decision is now being addressed by the ASAA and encourage every Alaskan to stand up and be counted. The women … Read more

Grabbing the Culture by the Throat

“This movie is a thriller but it is with the intent of grabbing the culture by the throat and saying to them… you’re right to the lip, to the tape line of madness. If you take one more step, you’re belly flopping and not coming back.”Steve DeaceAuthor of “A Nefarious Plot” – the book the … Read more

Push THIS Button to Protect Children

“Many people think there are only two genders, girls and boys, but this is not true. There are many ways to be a boy, a girl, both or neither. Gender identity is about how you feel about yourself inside.”From a 1st & 2nd Grade Sex Ed Curriculum “Understanding Our Bodies” If you believe elementary-aged children … Read more