Preaching God’s Word in a Culture Hostile to a Biblical Worldview

Preaching God’s Word In A Culture Hostile
To A Biblical Worldview

(Two Events)

February 29

Fairbanks, AK

March 1

Anchorage, AK

Pastors in America today have unique challenges because the culture is so hostile to biblical truth.

Pastors recognize that the culture is inundated with a barrage of lies that are destroying people’s lives, and they don’t want to get caught in the political. They know they’re called to cast down every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. Agreeing with lies, like telling children that men can get pregnant, definitely does that.

So how do we speak God’s truth to answer each issue while keeping the Gospel at the center of everything? That’s the focus of this briefing. This seminar will help you make conversations about the sexual revolution, critical race theory, and transgenderism part of your gospel message instead of distractions from it.

Understanding HOW the Bible addresses cultural issues can be a difficult endeavor. A Biblical worldview is a necessary foundation. What is a worldview and how does it affect decisions believers make?

Too often Christians engage in conversation with concerns over an issue, often a moral issue and then find themselves in a political argument.

These situations seem to further frustrate and even divide family members. Preaching needs to equip the saints to be ready to share Jesus. Beyond that, preaching needs to equip believers to know why they believe what they believe.

Frequently, the foundational pillars of origin, morality, and purpose are ignored when considering the specific issues of the day. So, the challenge is often about how to answer the cultural questions, speaking the truth in love. This daylong seminar will help address these areas and more!

Alaska Family Council is privileged to partner with our friends at Family Research Council to equip pastors on how to educate and encourage their congregations to engage their culture with Biblical Truth and assurance.

Thursday, February 29th


Pike’s Waterfront Lodge

8:00am to 3:00pm
Fairbanks, AK

Friday, March 1st


Petroleum Club of Anchorage

8:00am to 3:00pm
Anchorage, AK

Joseph Backholm

Joseph is the Senior Fellow for Biblical Worldview and Strategic Engagement at the Family Research Council (FRC). He combines extensive legal, political, and policy experience with a love for the way biblical truth cultivates human flourishing.

Mr. Backholm has served as legal counsel and Director of What Would You Say? at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview where he developed and launched a growing platform that creates short, animated videos answering common questions about faith and culture. His YouTube career began as a self-identified “CS Chinese Woman” in a series of YouTube videos exploring the logic of gender identity.

Joseph served as a legislative attorney for three years and spent 10 years as the President and General Counsel of the Family Policy Institute of Washington in Washington State where he managed educational, legislative, and electoral operations on behalf of life, marriage, religious freedom, and parental rights. He has also led three ballot initiatives on marriage and gender privacy.

Joseph lives in Raleigh with his family.

David Closson

David serves as the Director of the Center for Biblical Worldview at Family Research Council. He researches and writes on life, human sexuality, religious liberty, and related issues from a biblical worldview.

David is completing a Ph.D. in Christian Ethics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. David is a graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div., Th.M.) and the University of Central Florida (B.A., political science, cum laude).

David is the author of FRC’s Biblical Worldview Series, which seeks to help Christians and Christian leaders apply the teachings of the Bible to difficult moral questions.

His writing has appeared at Fox News, Real Clear Politics, National Review, The Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Decision Magazine, WORLD Opinions, The Gospel Coalition, Townhall, and Christian Post. David is the author of the forthcoming book Life in a Post-Roe World and is the co-author of Male and Female He Created Them: A Study on Identity, Sexuality, and Marriage.

David lives in Washington, D.C. and attends Capitol Hill Baptist Church.

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